Sam Sklar

Select Projects:

Jay Kabalan “Me Gustan Todas” Music Video - Co-Director, Editor

Audetorium Volume Two: Detroit Skate - Photography, Photo Direction

StockX Holiday 2022 - Photography, Art Direction, Production

Jay Kabalan Album Artwork - Photography, Design, Art Direction

StockX x Colette x Oceana - Photography, Creative Direction

Zach Thompson “When The Sun Comes Up” Show - Photography, Creative Direction, Design

The Flat Pack Jeanneret - Photography, Videography, Art Direction

StockX x Coachella - Photography, Art Direction

Gear Unlimited Promo Video - Videography, Creative Direction

StockX Spring Lookbook 2023 - Photography, Art Direction, Production

Not Another Cactus - Photography, Videography, Art Direction

Danielle Guizio Personal Space Editorial - Photography, Art Direction

DonJuan “Bag World” Music Video - Videography, Creative Direction

StockX New Balance IPO - Photography, Creative Direction

Second Friday - Photography, Design

Product Photography
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